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Pest Control Sacramento

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Termite Control Sacramento: Pest Control Sacramento Termite Control in Sacramento is our specialty. We are proud to be your Sacramento Exterminators of choice. We serve clients around greater Sacramento/ Davis area, and we can provide you with the best solution for your residential and commercialTermite problems. Insect and rodent infestations aren't just unpleasant. They can spread disease and ruin your home and belongings. Let our friendly and certified technicians help you keep your home or business pest free! We offer same day service and guarantee 100% Satisfaction with all of our Termite control services.


We are your company for Sacramento Pest Control Services, Hydrex Pest control will tackle any pest or rodent issue you may be experiencing. From termites, fleas, ants, black widow spiders or other insects to rodent problems such as mice or rats, Hydrex Pest Control will eradicate your pest issues from your home, yard or business . Serving Sacramento for all of your Pest control, and Termite pest control services.


Pest Control Sacramento Pest Control Sacramento: Hydrex Pest Control in Sacramento services the greater Sacramento/ Davis area with full service pest control. Our dependable staff of exterminators has over 20 years of experience! We strive to provide prompt and dependable pest control service Sacramento at reasonable prices. We set our standards high so that patrons can feel assured they're in a healthy environment. In fact, many applicants do not qualify!




Don't Be a Victim to Sacramento Termites - More than 365,000 homes in the United States are involved in a fire each year. More than 600,000 U. S. homes suffer termite damage totaling over $1.5 billion annually. That is more damage than is caused by all fires, storms and earthquakes combined.

In excess of 2 million homes require termite treatment each year. Home owners insurance can help recover losses from fires, storms and earthquakes, but it is almost impossible to carry insurance against termite infestation. Finding out that your home has termites instills a sense of fear among most home owners. Typically termites can’t be seen or heard and often only a trained inspector can find signs of infestation.Treatment by the home owner for the control of termites is virtually impossible. Specialized equipment is used and the Hydrex experts have the knowledge necessary to plan control strategies.

Termites feed on wood and may also destroy paper products such as books, cardboard boxes, furniture and various other items. Even buildings with steel framing and masonry walls are targets because of wooden doors, window frames, wooden support beams (often hidden), cabinets or shelving within them.

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Pest Control Sacramento - The next time you go out, look for the Hydrex Seal of Certified Excellence! Serving the greater Sacramento/ Davis area including Woodland, and surrounding counties since 1992, Hydrex Pest Control is your solution to any type ofSacramento pest control problems. Please contact us today for amazing pest control coupons !

The Sacramento Pest Control Process:

  • We try to make the entire process of pest control as simple as possible for our customers. Here's how we approach pest control:
  • Your Sacramentopest control technician begins with an inspection of your home and property to find every potential hiding and breeding ground for pests.
  • Your Sacramento pest controlservice technician will then prescribe a customized treatment program designed to protect your home and family. Within 30 to 60 days, depending on the program you choose, we will return to reinforce your Hydrex Barrier, keeping any newly emerging pest away.
  • We will apply special exterior treatments every other month throughout the year to keep pests from migrating back into your home.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We love our customers! If you're not happy with your Sacramento pest control service then neither are we. That's why all of our service is backed up by the Hydrex Satisfaction Guarantee. If at any point you're not happy with your service, please contact us and we'll resolve the problem quickly and with no extra charge.